MEK Methyl Ethyl KetoneMethlyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is widely used in industrial industry as a solvent, and is also used in various products on the retail market from dry erase markers to cleaning materials. It can be utilized as a plastic bonding agent that holds the different properties together cementing them to one another. Due to the effectiveness and versatility of MEK, it is used by industrial manufacturing companies for many different things.

Through our system, our clients that deal with MEK on a regular basis have the option of recycling instead of discarding it. We recycle the material, and our clients get pure quality solvent at a fraction of the price buying it new at the same quality.

The entire process is done on location, so there is no need for transporting or moving it from one place to the other. Click here to get a free demo and learn how you can turn not only MEK, but your other solvents from used to pure with recycling and not discarding them for a much higher price.

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