acetone recycling system

Acetone is a very good solvent choice because it is both a good cleaner and a superior environmental alternative because of its low VOC profile. The challenge with Acetone (as with many solvents), is that it is expensive.

Recycling Acetone is an excellent solution to taking advantage of its many benefits without breaking your budget. In fact, Acetone is easily recoverable back to its virgin form; please click here to see how this process works.

The CleanPlanet program provides an easy and practical approach to Acetone recycling:

  • We provide the recycling equipment to you FREE of charge
  • We handle installation and all ongoing maintenance
  • You only pay us for the recovered, virgin quality Acetone, just as you do your current supplier. However, with our program you are GUARANTEED to pay 20% less
  • Reduce cost, reduce waste, and enhance your environmental impact with no investment. It may sound too good to be true, but our clients will tell you that is it really is that easy.

Please call us today to learn more: 855-965-1853.

More Information On Acetone

Nearly 7 million tons of acetone are manufactured every year, and many different businesses use a significant amount of it on a monthly basis. Acetone is commonly used in laboratories, hospitals, medical institutions, automotive, beauty industries and more. It is very effective in rinsing and disinfecting tools that reduce contamination. It is also used in beauty and cosmetics as an anti-acne treatment that removes dead skin cells to promote new skin growth. Acetone is a common and useful solvent, which explains why it is mass produced as such high levels.

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