Understanding the Value of Your Waste

Understanding the Value of Your Waste

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For years companies have treated their spent solvents and chemicals as waste. Solvents used in cleaning and production processes become contaminated, rendering them ineffective for further cleaning or processing. Once contaminated, the generator has to dispose of the used solvent as a hazardous waste stream. In addition to the added costs of processing hazardous waste, the generator automatically assumes responsibility for the waste from collection through final disposal, which was typically some form of  incineration. So in addition to higher costs, greater liabilities, and increased risks, the generator is also contributing to the release of greenhouse gases. And, because the oil-based waste solvent is being incinerated, the generator plays a part in the consumption of one of Earth’s most precious natural resources.

Waste is a subjective term

CleanPlanet Chemical understands “contaminated” does not automatically mean “waste.” Leaves falling into a swimming pool may contaminate the water. However, leaves in the pool don’t mean we should throw the pool away. That would be absurd, not to mention an irresponsible use of the water – another one of Earth’s most precious natural resources. The solution… simply remove the leaves.

Contaminated solvent is very similar to the swimming pool. It’s contaminated, but not useless. In fact, properly removing the contaminants can restore the spent solvent to virgin quality. In some cases, the distillation and recycling process results in solvent that is cleaner than the original. The bottom line is that waste, is not always waste. In fact, it’s only waste when it’s thrown away or incinerated.

CleanPlanet helps companies extract value from their waste

CleanPlanet has built its business on the premise that much of what has traditionally been considered “waste” is actually reusable, valuable product. CleanPlanet provides three solutions to help generators transform costs and liabilities into assets.

1. Onsite chemical recycling for reuse
CleanPlanet provides its patented recycling technology to recover spent solvent onsite, which is then reused again and again.

2. Onsite chemical recycling for resale
CleanPlanet provides its patented recycling technology to recycle solvent onsite, which is then sold into the marketplace.

3. Selling spent solvent into the market “as-is” (without reclamation)
CleanPlanet enables companies to sell their spent solvent into the marketplace without applying any recycling or reclamation processes.

CleanPlanet helps customers understand the value of each option through a pilot program. This enables the customer to select the option best suited to their specific operations. Regardless of approach, CleanPlanet guarantees a better, less expensive, more efficient solution than waste disposal.


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And we provide a Free Pilot so you can determine which option is best for you.

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