The Top Reasons to Recycle NMP — A Different Way

The Top Reasons to Recycle NMP — A Different Way

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With NMP costs now hovering around $1,000 or more per drum, it’s one of the most expensive solvents our customers use in their cleaning and manufacturing processes. It’s also one of the most stable, versatile and efficient. In fact, according to various manufacturers, NMP can be between 25-40% more efficient than other similar solvents. So that begs the question: If you’re already recycling, why not constantly evaluate ways to improve your current recycling process and ensure that you get the most out of your NMP recycling efforts?

Why you should refresh your NMP recycling program:

  1. NMP is expensive to purchase and you need to make sure your yield is as high as possible
  2. To improve recycled NMP quality over your current recycling process
  3. To reduce and stabilize your recycling costs
  4. To avoid the liability and management associated with shipping hazardous waste (if you are currently recycling offsite)
  5. To enhance your sustainability and process improvement programs by further reducing the amount of “waste” in your process

Simply put, NMP is too valuable to be recycled inefficiently and ineffectively.

Turn Your Liability Into an Asset

CleanPlanet can solve your recycling needs regardless of volume – from as little as 5 gallons to 1,000+ gallons per day. CleanPlanet’s approach to customer-based solutions can quickly turn your liability into an asset. Constantly improving your recycling program not only makes sense, but it is the right thing to do. CleanPlanet acts as the catalyst, making the transition seamless in all respects.

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  1. Goh KS

    4 years ago

    Recovery of N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP)

    Dear Sir,

    Please provide me information on your company’s product for recovery of NMP.
    What is the lowest concentration for recovery.

    Thank you.
    Goh KS.


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