Green is the New Black

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Zero waste. Green business. Sustainability. These catch phases are frequently tossed around in conversations pertaining to the environmental impacts of business. Oftentimes, these terms are nothing more than industry rhetoric used during the annual shareholders meeting, but for some, these are critical corporate initiatives that are changing the way businesses work. According to’s State of the Green Business, 2014, several companies are now achieving zero-waste or landfill-free status such as Bridgestone, General Motors, Walmart, DuPont, PepsiCo and others. MillerCoors recently joined this club at its Golden, Colorado facility; a first amongst brewers. Sustainability leadership is also emerging at not for profit organizations. Ohio State University set a new standard for recycling at its football stadium by reducing landfill waste from nearly 60 tons in 2010 to 5.8 tons in 2013—a 90% reduction in solid waste. Achievements such as these are certainly worthy as stand-alone accomplishments; however, beyond the environmental

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How to Stop Burning Profits and Earth’s Natural Resources

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Onsite chemical recycling is rapidly becoming the preferred method for acquiring and managing petrochemicals. Cost savings, in the form of reduced chemical costs, reductions in hazardous waste and reduced downtime were the primary motivations for adopting onsite chemical recycling. However, another benefit – and perhaps an even greater reason for onsite chemical recycling – is the preservation of our oil reserves, one of Earth’s most precious resources. The Volatility of Oil Prices Volatility in oil prices are undoubtedly a frequent, if not every day, news topic. Oil prices rise as Americans pack up for that annual ritual known as the summer vacation. Auto manufacturers have become quite adept at developing new engines that get the most performance from each precious drop of fuel. Similarly, Americans are embracing new technologies in order to keep their monthly energy bills from becoming unmanageable – all in an effort to combat escalating oil prices.

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