Sustainability Doesn’t Mean Profit Less; It Means Profit Forever

Sustainability Doesn’t Mean Profit Less; It Means Profit Forever

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Profit forever? What a thought!

This is the perfect mantra for true sustainability efforts. Unfortunately, there is a lot of noise around the notion of sustainability. Yes, there have been important gains; I would even say a shifting of the general psyche. However, sustainability is generally not the most important driver of business decisions — profit is.

Are these two goals incongruent? Not anymore.

People, Profit, Planets = Profit Forever

With more investment and innovation in the field of “sustainable technologies,” the triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit) is coming into alignment. There is much work to do, but we are certainly on our way towards a much broader recognition of profit — one that will allow us to truly profit forever.

Phillip Barlag sheds some more light on this notion in his article Sustainability Doesn’t Mean Less Profit, It Means Profit Forever and I couldn’t agree more.

Our technology is just one of many that allows companies to realize immediate savings while making a positive impact on the environment transforming Profiting Forever from a goal to a reality.

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