Why Recycle?

Why Recycle?

Every day lost has a real cost.

Not recovering your spent chemicals reduces profits with each passing day. But there’s more at stake than just the bottom-line.  Each gallon of chemical that could have been recovered needlessly creates hazardous waste that must be transported through our communities and ultimately incinerated; then released into our air.  And, once that petrochemical is burned, one of Earth’s most precious resources is gone. Forever.


With CleanPlanet, you only pay for the good, usable, recovered chemical at a rate that’s 20% less than your current supplier. Plus, save on hazardous waste disposal, inventory management, administrative paperwork, and many other facets of your business.

Liability of Used Solvents

Hazardous waste brings with it liabilities connected to the collection, storage, transportation and disposal. Instead of disposing of your spent chemicals, CleanPlanet converts this “waste” into clean, virgin-qual­ity product – again and again.  No more manifesting, no more hazards, and no more liabilities.


Sustainability is a mission critical task for all of us. CleanPlanet supports your sustainability efforts by preserving one of Earth’s most precious resources and reducing the release of greenhouse gases. Every gallon saved has a real impact.

Lower costs, reduced waste and improved sustainability trans­lates into clear bottom-line performance.
And because CleanPlanet provides the equipment ab­solutely free, the impact is immediate.