Our Technologies

Our Technologies

Dirty in. Clean out. It’s that simple.   The technology for removing unwanted materials from fluids—the water we drink, the oil that protects our engines, even the very air that we breathe—has been perfected over the decades. CleanPlanet utilizes the same principles for chemicals.  Between 80-90% of the solvent/chemical waste that you discard can be recovered and reused.  With our patented technologies, we do just that.  We simply remove what you can’t use and return what you can. After 20 years in the trenches, we understand your needs. The CleanPlanet team specifically designed our technologies with the needs and concerns of our users in mind.  Our technical evolution did not happen overnight; rather it was the result of successes and failures over the last twenty years.  From this experience, we have married a breakthrough technical platform with a  user-friendly solution that excels in the following ways:

Whether you need to recycle 5 gallons or thousands of gallons per day, we have a recycling solution to meet your needs.

  • CleanPlanet evaluates your application and installs the specific technology suited for your requirements
  • If your application or needs ever change (e.g. volume increases or decreases; you change solvents, etc.) we will adjust with you, at absolutely no additional cost

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Time is money. That’s why we do most of the work for you.  We will have you up and running in less than two hours and that includes:

  • Researching your chemi­cal specifications
  • Analyzing your waste streams
  • Training your staff
  • Installing your unit and dialing it in for optimal performance

This is not another project—this is an easy win.

Our patented technology acts like its own contained chemistry lab, requiring minimal user intervention and time to operate.

  • Senses exact chemical or combination of chemicals that are present and adjusts own time, temperature, and power to recover them fully
  • Pumps in waste and dispenses clean solvent automatically
  • All that is required of the user is 5-10 minutes per day
  • Most customers find our solution provides labor savings as compared to the time it takes to move, label, and manage the hazardous waste at their facility

Constant CleanOur patented distillation process provides as much as 99%+ recovery efficiency with very low power consumption.

  • Automatically adjusts time, temperature, and power to recover solvents and solvent blends in exact proportions
  • Patented ‘Vapor Management System’ and proprietary ‘Direct Condensation Method’, ensures that virtually no product is lost into the atmosphere
  • Cost of operation is typically less than $3 per day

cpc2Our systems provide an advantage over even refineries, which use larger vessels that can’t be controlled as precisely.

  • Precise temperature and pressure control across the distillation vessel ensures pristine quality
  • Our recovered product is being utilized in some of the most exacting environments including hospitals, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, and high tech manufacturing
  • With our model, if we don’t deliver chemicals that work in your operation, you don’t pay for them
  • Worst case, if you cannot use the recovered chemicals, we will sell them into the market and share the profit with you

CSA_logoAt CleanPlanet safety fuels innovation. We offer a patented anti-pressure system as well as redundant operations for all key system components.

  • We have been operating safely for more than 20 years across 7,000 installations
  • We are the first company to have a distillation product sanctioned for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous locations
  • Independently certified to UL 2208 standards
  • Our units incorporate patented features which restrict chemical emissions, control temperature, and prevent excess pressure build-up within the distillation chamber

Through advancements in technology, we have enabled the impossible – we have shrunken the refinery to the size of a work desk.

  • Our largest, highest capacity system requires the space of three standard pallets, while our smallest unit takes up as much space as your desk chair
  • Reclaim the floor space that you currently have allocated to chemical and waste storage.  With CleanPlanet, you will recycle your waste and produce clean solvent each and every day – storage is not necessary.

“We are presently recovering 70-80% of our spent solvent and expect our annual savings to exceed $50,000. ”  – Systems Coordinator and EHS Manager, Consolidated Metco