solvent recovery systems by CleanPlanet

Solvent Recovery System

CleanPlanet Chemical has developed a state of the art solvent recovery system that enables companies to recycle their waste solvent on-site with no upfront investment. We take care of it all – the equipment, the installation, any required maintenance, and all ongoing support. Our clients only pay for the recovered solvents at a significantly discounted price. In fact, we GUARANTEE at least a 20% cost savings starting day one. No brainer right?

With CleanPlanet solvent recovery systems, our clients achieve:

  • Cost Reduction. Our clients typically save 25-50% on their chemical purchases and waste management expenses.
  • Waste Reduction: 80%+ reduction in hazardous waste generation
  • Every gallon recovered reduces greenhouses gases by up to 20lbs.

See our solvent savings calculator here to estimate the impact on your business.

Our solvent recovery equipment is designed to be easy to use and to fit seamlessly into your operation. We size our solution to fit your recovery needs from 5 – 1000 gallons per day, Our systems are used in many different applications worldwide including automotive, medical device, aerospace, military, oil and gas, and commercial printing among many others. For a free pilot, please fill out the contact form below or call us directly at 855-965-1853.

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