No contracts.  We earn your business each and every day. One gallon at a time.

CleanPlanet’s pricing structure is very simple – you don’t pay a penny for the recycling technology, the shipping, the installation, the training, the consumables, or the ongoing maintenance and support on the system.  You only pay for the solvents that are recovered from your waste at a guaranteed 20% discount to your current purchase price.  In this way, we are a true business partner whose goals and objectives are completely aligned with yours.

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How Pricing Works

  1. We provide the recycling systems, installed at your location, absolutely free.
  2. We transform your chemical waste into reusable, virgin-quality, product, reducing chemical & hazardous waste by as much as 80%.
  3. You pay for the recovered chemicals at a 20% discount to your current solvent costs.
  4. We handle all equipment maintenance and ongoing support for the system.

It’s that simple.  No hidden costs.

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