Our Program

Our Program

Changing the way chemicals and waste are managed.

CleanPlanet provides a better, more efficient method for acquiring chemicals and managing waste.  We use a patented distillation technology to transform your solvent/chemical waste into reusable, virgin-quality chemicals.

Our program is simple:

  • We provide the recycling equipment absolutely free.
  • You only pay for the recovered chemicals at a 20% discount.  Guaranteed.
  • We handle installation, training, and all ongoing maintenance.
  • There are no contracts or long-term obligations.  And no fine print.

CleanPlanet’s revenues are based solely on the amount of solvent recovered, therefore our objectives are completely aligned with yours.  Our goal is to provide:  the highest yield possible, superior chemical quality, a seamless fit into your operations, and uninterrupted service.  We take the risk, so you don’t have to.


View Our Technology Savings Calculator

Choose the option best suited for your operation.

We help you extract this value in one of three ways:

1) Provide our patented recycling technology to recover your solvent onsite for reuse in your operation

2) Provide our patented technology to recycle onsite and sell the recovered product into the market

3) Sell your spent solvent into the market “as-is” (without reclamation)

And we provide a Free Pilot so you can determine which option is best for you.

CleanPlanet earns your business each and every day, one gallon at a time.