CleanPlanet is committed to being a catalyst, ushering in a new paradigm for chemical and waste management.

CleanPlanet offers a better way of doing things: a more efficient way to acquire chemicals; a better way to purchase chemicals; a better way to manage waste; a better way to preserve our natural resources.

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Product Spec Sheets

Read the details on our machines including capacity and distillation rates.


Continuous Supply

Series A5

5 Gallons per Day Capacity

Series A18

18 Gallons per Day Capacity

Series A48

7-15 gal/h (26-57 liters/h)

Series A63

12-20 gal/h (45-76 liters/h)


1.5 gal/h (5.7 liters/h) Capacity

Continuous operation

Custom Units

For larger capacity needs, we will spec a unit appropriate for the application.


Product Videos

See how our equipment works.