News Round-Up: November/December 2014

News Round-Up: November/December 2014

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In our effort to keep you informed on the latest developments and news in sustainability, hazardous waste management, and solvent recycling, we’re sharing the articles below from November and December. Take a look at our picks for top stories over the last couple of months.

The Secret Side of Business Sustainability

By Hannah Corbett

When it comes to making your business sustainable, there are a few different definitions. It could refer to long-term financial sustainability, or even cultural and social sustainability. But here, we refer to a business’s sustainability as its ability to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

KPMG launches guide to key issues in sustainability reporting

9 Ways Sustainability Drives Profit

Here are nine reasons why corporations—and all of us—might want to redefine how we approach sustainability.
Chris Hummel | November 10, 2014

By now, most corporate executives recognize that sustainability must be integrated into a company’s core strategy. Unfortunately, not many executives understand why this is so — or worse, they proudly wear some kind of sustainability PR badge because they have a paragraph about it on the “About Us” section of the website.

Hazardous Waste Recycling Regulations – the Latest Chapter

posted on: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

“A long time ago in a [May 19, 1980 Federal Register] far, far away [or so it seems],” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared its authority to regulate all hazardous secondary material, whether discarded or reused, under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and that it would exercise its authority to promote properly conducted waste reclamation.  Ever since then, a kind of Empire/Rebellion struggle has played out over the scope and extent of broad-based recycling exclusions to the RCRA’s solid waste definition.


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