Myths of Solvent Recovery – Part 1: It’s Expensive

Myths of Solvent Recovery – Part 1: It’s Expensive

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With all the misconceptions about solvent recovery out there, we’ve decided to publish a series covering some of the top myths we hear in our industry.  Many facilities who were early adopters of solvent recovery systems may have run into some of these issues, but advancements in technology, time and costs have caught up, so let’s set the record straight.

One of the most common things we hear when talking to purchasing, plant managers, and EHS managers is that the upfront investment in solvent recovery is prohibitively expensive; plus there are lots of ongoing costs that make the investment questionable in the first place.

Myth 1: Solvent Recycling is Expensive

Myth #1: Solvent recovery is too expensive and the savings I will get do not justify the capital expense.

Fact: While many companies today still offer a traditional approach to on-site solvent recovery—massive equipment investments, ongoing customer maintenance requirements, expensive consumable items such as bags and oil—there is a better way.

At CleanPlanet, this was one of our driving forces for changing the approach to solvent recovery We understood how that myth could become a reality for companies trying to undertake sustainability measures and just do the right thing.  The fact is solvent recovery can be a cost-savings measure.   Here is how we are busting this myth:

  • MythBuster: Upfront equipment costs are not required. At CleanPlanet, we believe that solvent recovery is a partnership — we provide you with the equipment at no cost, get you up and running, and charge you for the end result—the recycled chemical—at a discounted price.   No more ROI analysis or capital allocation requests.
  • MythBuster:  Ongoing maintenance requirements and high costs for consumable items are a thing of the past.  At CleanPlanet, we back up our technology 100% — if anything goes wrong, we fix it.  Period.  Plus we also cover all consumables.
  • MythBuster: You do not have to wait months or even years to see the ROI. With CleanPlanet, because you do not have upfront costs or any ongoing costs, and the recovered chemicals are priced at 20% less than you currently pay, you realize savings right from the start. Day 1.  Guaranteed.

If you’re interested in our approach to on-site recycling,please click here to learn more.

And be sure to look for Part 2 of our Mythbusters series where we’ll address another myth surrounding solvent recycling.

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