Monthly Roundup: May 2014

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In our effort to keep you informed on the latest developments and news in sustainability and hazardous waste management, we’re sharing the articles below from May. Take a look at our picks for top stories over the last month.

Public Companies Earn Poor Grades in Sustainability

While many U.S. publicly held companies are integrating sustainability into their decisions and business systems, some interest groups say they are not moving fast enough. A new report from nonprofit group Ceres and research firm Sustainalytics finds that in some areas companies aren’t taking sustainability concerns very seriously.

The Growing Case for Corporate Sustainability Management

Environmental awareness is a longstanding movement socially and politically. Though businesses in general have increasingly recognized and adopted some environmentally aware practices, hurdles remain in adopting a full and comprehensive corporate sustainability management (CSM) strategy.

Sustainability Factors Affect Majority of S&P 500 Executives’ Pay

More than half of S&P 500 companies cite some environmental, safety, labor and other sustainability factors “as playing a role” in determining executive compensation, according to an analysis from GMI Ratings.

What Makes Your Organization Special: It Starts With A Clear Vision

The past decades have provided increasing examples of organizations demonstrating that things can be done differently. Whole Foods for example. Or, look at what global carpet tile manufacturer, Interface, has done. These companies have been successful by focusing on creating lasting value for all stakeholders.

Are Supply Chains the Key to Sustainability?

A sustainable supply chain is a must for long-term success, but is a moving target. As much as sustainability executives think they have harvested the low-hanging fruit, the constantly shifting landscape and emerging technologies (traceability anyone?) means there will always be more that can be done at a lower-cost and with a fast ROI.

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