Monthly Round-Up: September/October 2014

Monthly Round-Up: September/October 2014

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In our effort to keep you informed on the latest developments and news in sustainability and hazardous waste management, we’re sharing the articles below from September and October. Take a look at our picks for top stories over the last couple of months.

US Solvents Market

LONDON, Oct. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — US demand to rise over 1% per annum through 2018 – A robust recovery in US construction spending along with the continued rebound in manufacturing output will drive advances in US solvent demand at a greater than one percent annual pace through 2018.

A day in the life of an H&M environmental sustainability coordinator

Some people just do not use the snooze button. I like to believe that I am one of those people. So when the alarm tested my discipline this morning by ringing at 4am instead of 6am which is when my day normally starts, I got up. The reason for getting up earlier than usual this morning was that I had to catch a flight to Berlin.

Viasystems Challenges EPA’s CDR Cycle

On October 8, 2014, Congressman Bill Johnson (R-OH) sent a letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy requesting an analysis of reporting data pertaining to byproducts sent for recycling collected during the 2012 Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) reporting cycle. Johnson’s letter stated that, “an analysis of such CDR data is a necessary first step in realizing EPA’s own commitment to reassess the need for CDR information in future reporting cycles and also whether further legislative changes may be needed to ensure that the benefits to EPA of this data collection justify the cost to industry.”

Can business take sustainability cues from the emerging markets?

Businesses from the emerging economies of Asia, Africa and Latin America are bringing new ways of working that could make current growth patterns more sustainable.

Sustainability Concepts in Decision-Making: Tools and Approaches for the US Environmental Protection Agency

The National Research Council (NRC) has released Sustainability Concepts in Decision-Making: Tools and Approaches for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which examines scientific tools and approaches for incorporating sustainability concepts into assessments used to support EPA decision making. Using specific case studies, this report considers the application of analytic and scientific tools, methods, and approaches presented in the report Sustainability and the U.S. EPA.

TRB is one of six major divisions of the National Research Council— a private, nonprofit institution that is the principal operating agency of the National Academies in providing services to the government, the public, and the scientific and engineering communities. The National Research Council is jointly administered by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine.

Why Sustainability is Integral to Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) has long been a growing priority of corporate executives and boards — not a surprise since political, economic and social change can occur quickly. But a study issued by the business reporting firm Workiva suggests sustainability-related risks should be part of a company’s core ERM analysis.

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