Infoflex Pilot

Infoflex 2019 Show Special

CleanPlanet client-partners already know the value of using our innovative solutions for on-site solvent recycling. And now, for a limited time, attendees of Infoflex 2019 can experience the power of partnering with CleanPlanet by using our solution(s) on-site without risk, cost or obligation.

About the Infoflex 2019 Special Pilot Program

Simply fill out the form to get things started. CleanPlanet will follow-up with you to determine which system(s) best suits your needs. CleanPlanet will then ship and install the appropriate equipment at your location with absolutely no cost or obligation. Once installed, CleanPlanet will provide operating instructions to the appropriate personnel. CleanPlanet even provides support during the pilot. However, the systems are so easy to operate, support is likely to be minimal, if at all.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact CleanPlanet and we will come to your site, uninstall the equipment and ship it back. Again … with absolutely no cost or obligation on your part.

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