Free Pilot

Free Pilot

Try our service without any obligations or commitments.   

Thousands of CleanPlanet customers already know the value of using our innovative solutions for onsite chemical recycling.   Now you can too.  CleanPlanet begins each relationship by proving its performance at your site, using your waste.

CleanPlanet will determine which system(s) best suits your needs. We will then ship and install this system at your site. Not only do you not spend any money, you’ll spend little time because CleanPlanet handles it all.

Get Started

CleanPlanet makes getting started easy. Simply contact CleanPlanet and we’ll quickly implement our proven three-step process so you can start saving immediately.

  1. Qualification
    CleanPlanet only needs three things to qualify your application: type of solvent/chemical, type of contaminant and monthly waste volume.
  1. Pilot
    CleanPlanet will install and configure the equipment at your site free of charge.
  1. Activate
    Once you are completely satisfied with the quality of the recov­ered chemicals and the simplicity of the process, we will acti­vate your no obligation service.


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