Customer Testimonial: How This Global Leader Reduced NMP Costs by 45% – 48%

Customer Testimonial: How This Global Leader Reduced NMP Costs by 45% – 48%

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Company: Global leader in insulation products and services
Industry: Manufacturing, Electrotechnical
Chemicals/Solvents: N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone
Onsite Equipment: A16 vacuum assist with high temperature oil package
Annual Savings: 45% – 48%
Waste Reduction: 85% – 90%

Application Profile

Urethane is one of the main components in the insulated wire manufacturing process. The urethane cures and leaves a residue on everything from the equipment parts, to the dies and tooling. When changing the shapes or diameters of the wires being manufactured, all of the equipment must be cleaned prior to processing a new batch. One of the most effective chemicals out there for this cleaning process is N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone or NMP. The equipment parts, dies and tools are immersed in an NMP bath until the cured foam falls off the metal.

NMP has been shown to be more effective than other chemicals such as methylene chloride to strip the urethane foam from equipment, but is also one of the more expensive options. This manufacturer was faced with a difficult choice – they wanted to continue to use the better product but they could no longer afford to pay $25-$30 per gallon. By utilizing CleanPlanet’s onsite recycling program, they did not have to make a compromise. They could have the solvent they wanted at a price that made sense.


Over the last two years, CleanPlanet has been able to reduce this manufacturer’s NMP cost per gallon by 32.5%, while providing an overall cost savings of 45-48% when factoring the reduction in waste disposal. In addition, this manufacturer has been able to cut their hazardous waste generation by 80-90%.

“We don’t know what else to say —it just works.” – Materials Manager

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