Chemical Recycling Set for Mainstream Adoption

Chemical Recycling Set for Mainstream Adoption

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For most companies, onsite chemical recycling has been an elusive quest. Companies have been seeking better ways to acquire, use and dispose of chemicals, only to find the technologies to be lacking or the investment unjustified.  Many of those who did purchase chemical recovery equipment only used it temporarily, then quietly moved it to some remote corner of the shop where it stood as a monument to an investment gone bad.

Game Changing Innovation
CleanPlanet Chemical has introduced an innovative, game-changing approach that will fundamentally alter the lifecycle of a company’s petrochemicals, and the processes used for chemical acquisition and disposal.
CleanPlanet has turned chemical recycling into a fiscally and environmentally responsible reality. Specifically, CleanPlanet is able to guarantee a 20% reduction in chemical costs and as much as a 90% reduction in hazardous waste generation and associated disposal costs and liabilities.
This breakthrough is part technology; part business model.  One without the other would not work, but together they will forever change the chemical and waste industries.
The Model
In order to drive this important change, CleanPlanet introduced a service offering that stimulates adoption and guarantees performance.  This innovative approach allows companies to reduce their waste and acquire chemicals for 20% less, without any up-front investment, risk or obligation. After evaluating a potential customer’s specific chemical recycling requirements, CleanPlanet will place the appropriate recycling equipment on the customer’s site free of charge – and with no contract or long-term obligation. CleanPlanet does not charge installation or set-up fees. Nor does the company charge for supplies or ongoing maintenance. Customers only pay for the clean, usable chemicals recovered from the machine, which on average is 20% less than virgin product.
In other words, customers paying $10/gallon will cut their price per gallon to $8.00. If you are paying $5.00, CleanPlanet will only charge you $4.00. It’s that simple.
CleanPlanet and its customers are completely aligned in this endeavor; partners in the truest sense.  Both CleanPlanet and its customers want the highest yield possible on recovered chemicals.  Both desire a high quality recovered product and seamless integration into operations. If either party does not meet their expectations, then the initiative will not last.  And, any equipment downtime is detrimental to both companies alike. This over-arching focus on shared goals and objectives drives the company’s value proposition. CleanPlanet earns its customers’ business day in and day out, one gallon at a time.
Superior Chemical Quality 
The second important component of the breakthrough is the technology. CleanPlanet’s patented technologies are able to produce virgin-quality chemicals by precisely controlling distillation time, temperature, and power consumption levels. By doing so, the recycled chemicals are often higher quality than virgin chemicals. This is why CleanPlanet’s technology is used in some of the most demanding environments such as aerospace, hospital and analytical labs and high-tech manufacturing.
Higher Yield Rates
The patented Smart-Chip technology allows the equipment to automatically adjust its own settings depending on the solvent or blend of solvents in the distillation chamber.  This prevents the equipment from “over-cooking” or “under-cooking” the batch, while achieving recovery rates as high as 99%+. The patented Vapor-Management System prevents vapor emission, resulting in as much as 30% more chemical recovery than prior generation technologies
Unmatched Safety
CleanPlanet’s distillation equipment has been sanctioned for use in hazardous and non- hazardous locations. The company’s equipment is independently certified according to UL 2208 Standards. For added safety, CleanPlanet developed patented features that restrict chemical emissions and prevent excess pressure build-up within the distillation chamber.
Unrivaled Simplicity
CleanPlanet’s patented technology acts like its own chemistry lab and the user is not required to do anything except press “start.”
Changing an industry is not easy.  It takes the right combination of catalysts.  CleanPlanet is providing just that with its breakthrough technology and business approach that allows customers to save at least 20% on chemical purchases and reduce hazardous waste generation by as much as 90%; all with no capital investment or long-term contract.  It is not too good to be true. It’s just a better way to purchase chemicals and manage waste.
For more information, please contact CleanPlanet at 855-256-7568 or at

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