Understanding the Value of Your Waste

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For years companies have treated their spent solvents and chemicals as waste. Solvents used in cleaning and production processes become contaminated, rendering them ineffective for further cleaning or processing. Once contaminated, the generator has to dispose of the used solvent as a hazardous waste stream. In addition to the added costs of processing hazardous waste, the generator automatically assumes responsibility for the waste from collection through final disposal, which was typically some form of  incineration. So in addition to higher costs, greater liabilities, and increased risks, the generator is also contributing to the release of greenhouse gases. And, because the oil-based waste solvent is being incinerated, the generator plays a part in the consumption of one of Earth’s most precious natural resources. Waste is a subjective term CleanPlanet Chemical understands “contaminated” does not automatically mean “waste.” Leaves falling into a swimming pool may contaminate the water. However, leaves in the pool

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Monthly Round-Up: June/July 2014

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In our effort to keep you informed on the latest developments and news in sustainability and hazardous waste management, we’re sharing the articles below from June and July. Take a look at our picks for top stories over the last couple of months. Corporate Sustainability Practices: Waste & Recycling When it comes to waste, everyone knows the 3-R mantra: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. But it’s tough to follow the 3 Rs when products, packaging and materials aren’t designed with end-of-life in mind. Want to beat your competitors? Embrace profitable good Deloitte recently came out with its annual Core Beliefs & Culture survey that polls more than 1,000 executives and employees. The key takeaway was that 82% of respondents working at an organization that has a strong sense of purpose believe the organization will grow. Only 48% of those working for companies without a sense of purpose are hopeful about growth prospects. NAEM Research Report:

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