A New Business Model for Paint Solvent Recycling (Re-post)

A New Business Model for Paint Solvent Recycling (Re-post)

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September 15, 2014 | By Tony Mash

Excerpt from Paint and Coatings Industry Magazine. For the entire post, please click here.

A company has come forward with a new business model that offers to manage the recycling of solvents in clean-up fluids and waste paint, thereby providing significant environmental and economic value to applicators and paint manufacturers alike.

CleanPlanet Chemical (www.cleanplanetchemical.com) has changed the paradigm and applied the CMS [Chemical Management Services] model to solvent recycling in North America. The company has developed state-of-the-art solvent recovery machines that are supplied to their business partners free of charge. CleanPlanet Chemical also does not charge for machine installation, maintenance, supplies or parts. Instead, the company becomes its partner’s solvent supplier and charges solely for the chemicals that are recovered. The application of new technology to the design of the equipment, which can recover both low and high boilers, together with the company’s commitment to servicing of the equipment via local representatives across North America, ensures that the quality of the recycled solvents, in most cases, is as good if not better than virgin solvent products.

To my knowledge, this business model has never been applied to clean-up solvents and waste paint recycling before. It offers paint applicators and manufacturers alike access to equipment, technology and support that ensures that the recovery and reuse of paint solvents are performed in an economic and efficient way under the guidance of an expert third-party. The need to incinerate solvents, which wastes a valuable resource, is significantly reduced. In fact by doing so, I am told that the average customer will lower its solvent and waste disposal costs by 30-50%, while reducing waste generation by 80%+. Also, every gallon recovered reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20 lb (when compared to incineration or fuel blending) and represents one less gallon of hazardous material being transported through our cities. If you can recover solvents and save significant money in the process, it just seems like the sensible thing to do. CleanPlanet has made that possible.


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