Introducing AlwaysClean, the World’s 1st Smart Solvent Recycler

Solvent distillation is not a new concept, but it has never been practical. Until now.

We’ve made solvent recycling economically feasible and functionally manageable by making it easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to integrate. In others words… we’ve made it practical. In fact, AlwaysCleanTM completely changes the paradigm of solvent recycling. Features include:

AlwaysClean with Metal Totes

Attaches to drums, totes and tanks.

  • Automatic and continuous operation
  • No bags to remove or batches to schedule
  • Industry-leading yield
  • Virgin quality reclaimed solvent

  • Sets its own processing time and temperature
  • Processing rate of 150-250 gallons per day (modular design allows for additional capacity)
  • Less than 2 pounds of daily emissions (.25%)
  • Occupies the floorspace of a filing cabinet

Save at least 20% with no investment

Test AlwaysClean onsite without obligation

Smart technology is just part of the solution.

The other part is CleanPlanet’s business model. CleanPlanet understands the value is in removing the solvent from the waste. So that’s all you pay for. With our service, you are only charged for the recycled solvent. Nothing more. We deliver and install the AlwaysCleanTM absolutely free and cover all ongoing maintenance. There are no service fees or contracts. And to top it off, we will cut your solvent and waste management costs by at least 20%… Guaranteed.

Call us for a free pilot. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

  • Save 20% on solvent costs without buying equipment
  • Increase productivity by using better quality solvent
  • Keep a continuous supply of clean solvent at all times
  • Reduce hazardous waste and liabilities
  • Support your sustainability efforts
  • Regain floorspace
  • Conserve energy
  • Be a hero