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The World’s 1st Smart Solvent Recycler

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Introducing AlwaysClean

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Recycle for Reuse. Recycle and Sell. Sell As Is.

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Turn Your "Waste" Into An Asset
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No Upfront Investment. No Maintenance Costs. No Obligation or Risk.

How it Works
Reduce Costs,Waste and Liability
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Determine which option is best for you without any obligations.

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Our business is built on the premise that much of what has traditionally been considered “waste” is actually reusable, valuable product.
We help you extract this value in one of three ways: 1) Provide our patented recycling technology to recover your solvent onsite for reuse
in your operation; 2) Provide our patented technology to recycle onsite and sell the recovered product into the market;
3) Sell your spent solvent into the market “as-is” (without reclamation).
And we provide a Free Pilot so you can determine which option is best for you.


Reduce Cost

We guarantee at least a 20% cost savings versus your current solvent purchase and waste disposal process.


Cut Waste

By recovering the solvents from your waste, you will reduce waste generation by 80%+.


Eliminate Liabilities

Less waste reduces the liabilities associated with the collection, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

How Chemical Recycling Works

Dirty in. Clean out. It’s that simple.

The technology for removing unwanted materials from fluids—the water we drink, the oil that protects our engines, even the very air that we breathe—has been perfected over the decades.

CleanPlanet utilizes the same principles for chemicals.  Between 80-90% of the solvent & chemical waste that you discard can be recycled and reused.  With our patented technologies, we do just that.  We simply remove what you can’t use and return what you can. Our state if the art chemical recycling system takes in the spent material, and then produces pure quality solvent ready to be used.

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After 20 years in the trenches, we understand your needs.

Fits Your Operation

Whether you need to recycle 5 gallons or thousands of gallons a day, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Easy To Use

Our patented technology acts like its own contained chemistry lab, requiring very little of your time.


As good as virgin—if we don’t deliver chemicals that work in your operation, you don’t pay for them.

Time To Implement

We do the work for you and will have you up and running in less than two hours.


Our patented distillation process provides 99%+ recovery efficiency with very low power consumption.


Our units are certified to UL 2208 standards for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous locations.

“We are presently recycling and recovering 70-80% of our spent solvent and expect our annual savings to exceed $50,000. ”
– Systems Coordinator and EHS Manager, Consolidated Metco

Ready to see it in action? It’s easy.


The CleanPlanet Way

With no capital investment and no ongoing maintenance costs, our customers see immediate cost savings and chemical waste reduction with absolutely no risk.

The CleanPlanet Way:

  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Hazardous waste & liability reduction
  • Control of your chemical supply chain
  • A green, sustainable process by recycling

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